New Anthology of Literature about Nepal

About a year ago, the British publisher House of Zeus reached out to me to see if I wanted to submit a piece to an anthology about Nepal. I shared some stories with them, and they selected “The Greatest Tibetan Ever Born,” which was originally published by Himal SouthAsian — a wonderful and much-needed magazine that sadly stopped running a few months ago.

The story itself is set in Toronto and Nepal, and became the germ of my novel-in-progress. Although the characters and comedic style didn’t make it into my book, the worlds they occupy still ground Transference

Well eventually I forgot all about the anthology. And when I saw my friend Muna Gurung post that her story had come out in it, I congratulated her — not realizing that my own story was in there as well. Anyway, the anthology, House of Snow, came out in August. I’m so grateful and happy to be among some writers I admire from Nepal and elsewhere.