BEND YOU TO REMAIN tells the story of a Tibetan family’s movement into exile following the Chinese invasion in 1959. Following the lives of two sisters who lose their mother, a village oracle, in their escape to Nepal, the novel examines the passing of dreams and traumas from one generation to the next. While one sister, Lhamo, remains at the final camp in Nepal, the other goes on to more and more distant places. Both remain haunted by their once-powerful mother. Spanning six decades, and taking place in Nepal, India, and Canada, BEND YOU TO REMAIN is a love story and a story of generational displacement.

This novel is also an exploration of cultural history and the particular struggles of women, the Tibetan movement for self-determination, the ancient and enduring oracular tradition of Tibet, the global market for stolen Tibetan antiquities, and the politics of Western scholarship on Tibet. 



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Play Productions
2006 Monkey Temple, BC Buds Festival, Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia
2006 To Undo a Wrong, Brave New Play Rites Festival, Frederic Wood Theatre, University of British Columbia.

My work on Lhakar Diaries